Inevitable Technologies offer the RIGHT CHOICES of Antennas. With over 200,000 antennas ordered and/or deployed we know what we’re doing!

We supply antennas to the largest corporations in North America, and around the world on a re-occurring basis. You have to know that they have done their homework and chosen the best! (Our antennas are regularly chosen by start-up companies as well, for they know that you can’t beat the Price and Performance of our products.)

InevTech = Superior Products at competitive prices!

A few InevTech FIRSTS:
FIRST to bring “Ruggedized” antennas to the Orbcomm world.

2) FIRST to bring tri and quad-functional antennas (ie: VHF+GPS+GSM+2.4GHz)
to the Orbcomm World.

3) FIRST to bring low profile antennas to
commercially acceptable price and performance levels.

4) FIRST to offer all-in-one products
(i.e.: solar cell + batteries + antenna + radio)